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My Experience with Hair Extensions

Before I started my blog, I was a Liketkit stalker! I loved following all of my favorite fashionistas for ideas on new trends. One thing I always noticed was how long and beautiful their hair always was. I thought to myself, "No way that is real!"

Eventually, I decided I wanted to get extensions but after only a little bit of research I realized how expensive it was to get them put in. I had pretty much given up on that idea until one day when I was at brunch with a friend. I asked her where she was getting her hair cut because I loved the shape and she mentioned that she got it done by a stylist at Elements Salon in Houston's artsy neighborhood called Montrose.

I checked out their website and realized that they do extensions. After going in for my first consult with Stacy, I felt that the price was very reasonable so I planned my appointment to get extensions! Here are some of my tips after having hair extensions for 6 weeks:


Choose the type of Extensions. Hair extensions are interesting because there are so many types. Elements Salon uses VoMor Hair Extensions which are a "tape-in" extension. They basically apply them at the root of your hair with strips of tape. There are many opinions or stories of women getting extensions and finding that their hair falls out. From my experience, I have found that my hair doesn't fall out any more than normal. The tape-in extensions grow out nicely and don't put too much pressure on my scalp. The photo on the right shows you what the extensions look like before you put them in.

Simple, Quick and Easy. One thing I didn't realize going into it was that Stacy is super quick but in general, it only takes around 45 minutes for the whole process!

The First 24-48 Hours. If you have never had extensions before, get ready to experience small headaches the first 24-48 hours. The stylists put them on snug so they don't fall out and because of that, your scalp feels a ton of pressure for the first night you sleep on them. Honestly, they bothered me for the first three days but after that, I was fine!

Daily Care. I can't vouch for all types but these hair extensions are pretty easy to care for on a daily basis. I forget that they are there some days! You should use a good shampoo and conditioner but only wash your hair when you absolutely need to. I started a work out routine which forces me to wash my hair every three days but the longer you can go the better! You can dry and style like normal, just don't use hair oils. Any other products are fine. Also, they give you a brush that is great because it doesn't get caught in the extensions.

Confidence Booster. Immediately after I got the extensions put in, I felt my confidence level go up. It was something that I heard about through reading articles of other women's experiences. I definitely feel like I made the right decision getting the extensions and I will probably never get rid of them at this point!

Stacy from Elements did an amazing job and I would highly recommend her to anyone living in the Houston area. In the end, I spent around $400 for the hair itself and $150 (plus tip) for the application. Every six weeks I go back in to have them reset and that costs about $50. You purchase new hair extensions ($400) once a year. It really isn't that much compared to other stylists who charge you a ton to apply them. I saw upwards of $1000-$1600 for certain salons in Houston.

I hope ya'll found this article helpful. I feel like too many women hide when they do things to look beautiful and I think it is silly! We all want the tips and tricks so I wanted to let all of my followers know mine!

If you go see Stacy, let her know I sent you! If you are a new clients you get $20 off your first color service!

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