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Bridesmaid Gift Boxes

I finally was able to get all of my bridesmaid's gifts together and I am so excited to share what I did with you all! It was such a fun experience but I have some tips for those who decide to do this.....

Save on Boxes. One way you can save money is by choosing your packaging wisely. I went to the Container Store and found easy-to-assemble cardboard boxes for $3.00 each. There were other pricey options that cost $10 each.

Make it Sparkle. I decided to go with Gold Tool from Michaels. I also went with a gold paint pen to write their names on the boxes. For the inside I bought a bunch of Navy paper shreds (also from Michaels). You can get stuffing for cheaper but I went with the color I liked.

Add a Little Bubbly. You can't go wrong adding a mini bottle of Champagne! I added the $8.00 bottles of Chandon from Specs Liquor.

Personalize it. My favorite part of the box has a label with each bridesmaid's name on it asking them to be part of my bridal party. I bought the most adorable labels on Etsy. It changed the whole look of the box for me.

A Mix of Fun and Useful. You can really pick and choose whatever you want to stuff them with but I went with a candle, nail polish, a coffee mug and some birthday cake white chocolate.

In the end, the girls LOVED them and I couldn't be happier with my amazing group of friends who are standing by me on such a special day! (...yes there are NINE of them! LOL)

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