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Our Valentines Date

If you live in Houston, you may have heard about Prohibition Supperclub & Bar. Bryant took me here on Tuesday and we had such a blast that I felt the need to share!

When you walk in, you are greeted by the friendly staff and asked to grab a drink at the bar before heading into the theatre to be seated. Once you are seated, you are introduced to your waiter to order you meal from a three course menu selection.

The show starts promptly so make sure you use the restroom before, if needed. It is truly a beautiful show filled with talented dancers from a group called the Moonlight Dolls. The show they put on for us was called "Beast" and it was a play on the Beauty and the Beast movie that is coming to theatres soon!

Many of you were asking where I got my dress so I thought I would give you the link to purchase along with some similar options.

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