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My First Year as a Blogger...

Wow, waking up this morning to 10,000 followers is so surreal! I started this little blog last July and I honestly had no idea what I was doing. All I knew was that I needed to get my creative juices flowing somehow and one thing I cared about was fashion.

It all started because on the weekends, my fiance would play golf which meant I was stuck on Saturday and Sunday mornings with not much to do. I went to Target and bought a new camera and tripod and started to take my own photos. I went to art school and studied photography/painting so I knew a little about how to use them but quickly realized that doing this all on my own was going to be a challenge.

One day, I asked my mom if she would take photos for me and I realized she was actually pretty great at taking photos! We became the perfect mom/daughter duo and I couldn't be more thankful for her being my support system. She never complains when I ask her to take time out of her day and I think it has really brought us closer together!

Along the way I have met some amazing girls! It all started out when I went to coffee with a couple of bloggers and got involved in a few support groups. You would think that an industry like blogging is full of superficial mean girls but I have met some of the most inspiring women!

One of the first bloggers to take me into their support group was The Tiny Two Talk. These two girls are awesome and travel the world! They introduced me to some amazing bloggers and soon I knew them better (online) than some of my closest friends! At our first blogger brunch I met Alessandra Manrique and we really hit is off. Y'all this girl is the sweetest! I also became close to a few others: L. Rose by Laurie , RedRhinestone , ThisIsAboutStyle , TheLanLine, and Kristine_Janice just to name a few!

Honestly, just meeting these women would have been enough for me to keep blogging everyday but then I got introduced to a few others, all who are Houston bloggers as well! I met six or seven women at Eloise Nichols for brunch one day and we all hit it off immediately! Megan, Tracy, Silvia, Angela, Charity, and Gopi, you are all amazing and inspire me everyday! thank you all for forming this group that inspires women to be successful in the fashion industry.

And now I am here, 10,000 followers later, but it is honestly the women who I have met along the way that I feel grateful for! And to anyone else who has followed along on my journey, thank you with all of my heart for the support you have shown! Y'all mean the world to me!


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