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My Sweater Picks

Hey y'all! So I have been asked to do a round up of all of my favorite sweaters this season and I couldn't be more excited to share this with you all. When I thought about putting together all of my favorites, I decided it would be best to break them up into groups. Some girls are looking for a bell sleeve, some prefer a sweater dress. So I broke the lists out into the following groups: Sweater Dresses, Bell Sleeve Sweaters, Statement Sweaters, and Comfort Sweaters.

Sweater Dresses

I am all about a good sweater dress. This season I've noticed a ton of bloggers wearing sweater dresses with OTK boots. This particular trend is what you will see more of on my blog in the next couple of months too! I would probably go with either a sleek black one or white cozy one! Here are my top picks!

Bell Sleeve Sweaters

Everyone is freaking out over the bell sleeve look this season and I am too! I picked some of my favorite statement sleeve sweaters and linked them below!

Statement Sweaters

If there is one designer that really nailed the statement sweater this year, it was Free People. Y'all their sweaters are SO beautiful and they are worth the extra cash (in my opinion) because they are so well made and will last you for years. They are FULL of color and that is such a great trend this fall/winter. I am excited to wear color and get away with it! Here are some Free People and other cost conscious substitutes for statement sweaters.

Comfy Sweaters

When you think about the holidays, you think about cozying up on the couch and having a pumpkin spice (if you are basic like me). That is why I came up with my cozy sweater selections. These sweaters are soft, big and warm! The grey one from Nordstrom that is $72 is my absolute FAVORITE!

I really hope you liked my picks for the season and let me know if you have any questions on sizing! I would love to help you pick which one is best for you!

xoxo, Allison

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