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4 Days in Palm Springs

Wow this is such a late post but I figured better late than never! If you have been following me for a long time you probably already know that my husband and I take an annual trip to Palm Springs around the same time as Coachella! I personally have never been to the festival but I think 2019 is our year to go!

A lot of people ask me, "What is there to do besides Coachella?" and all I have to say is, THERE IS SO MUCH TO DO! Every time we go to Palm Desert there is some new place we like to visit.

I wanted to give you my complete travel guide for four days in Palm Springs so you can know where to go if you ever find yourself there. Hope you enjoy!!

Day 1:

Getting in to Palm Springs can be tough considering the flights directly in are pricey and the majority of people fight LA traffic to drive (what would normally be 2 hours max) a four-ish hour drive to the desert. My suggestion would be to fly into Ontario. It is about 45 minutes away and keeps you outside of LA limits.

Once you get in, try driving over to La Quinta for a nice stroll through the shops and restaurants. No need to make a reservation....just pick one that looks fun! Bryant and I went to The Grill on Main and after that we walked over to this cute wine bar called The Wine Emporium which has live bands most nights!

Day 2:

Get some sun! If you are staying at a popular hotel, step outside in your most fun swimwear because it is definitely a competition out there folks! Bryant and I decided on a brunch at the Parker Hotel which was amazing! (*Note: You cannot visit the pool since it is reserved for guests only but the restaurants are amazing and so is the spa!)

Day 3:

Visit the Moorten Botanical Garden! You will find that there are so many interesting plants to see (not just the blogger famous cacterium). Bryant bought a silly metal frog playing guitar and put it in his mancave. I love how he finds the smallest things so interesting. Haha! On your way there stop by Koffi and order a Chai Frapp. I promise you won't be sorry!

Definitely visit the Las Casuelas Nuevas mexican restaurant in Palm Springs. It is such a staple every time we go and we love sitting outside and listening to the mariachi band. While the Mexican food isn't my favorite, the scene is so fun!

Day 4:

Visit the Wind Turbines! Be aware rattlesnakes and high winds though! It is a great spot to grab a photo but it tends to be tricky to get to and it's easiest to travel there with a local photographer who knows the area (i.e. Brianna Broyles :) )!

If you are looking for a VERY unique spot, The Nest will be sure to keep you occupied with people watching. This place is somehow so strange yet so fun. Their cheapish well drinks and dueling piano bar gig can make your night unforgettable, just try to pretend all of the old retired folk are young whipper snappers like us!

Well that's all I have for Palm Springs! I am sure next year I will have a much different experience, one with long lines, EDM music, and young 21 years olds, but for now, I like Palm Springs/Desert how I have always seen it. <3

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