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What your favorite Halloween candy says about you?

For some reason over the past couple of months I have been the "go to" person for all of my friends who need advice. Not sure why they think of me as knowledgeable or wise on worldy things but I feel honored to be the one they come to for those things. Maybe that makes me a little over confident writing this blog post but I am thinking to myself, "Why the hell not?!". I might completely strike out on this but let's give it a shot! Today I am guessing what your favorite candy says about you. Based on my personal experiences, each candy serves a specific purpose so my hypothesis is whichever one you eat more of might be more of the type of person you are. Okay, here we go!

What Allison says your favorite Candy says about you! 1) Sour Patch Kids: You are known for being bold and fun! In my opinion, you may be hot and cold, sometimes you’re sour sometimes you’re sweet ;) but you are outgoing and lovable! You are a unique and fearless person. 2) Dark Chocolate: Chances are…you care about your health if you are eating Dark Chocolate on America’s favorite holiday to stuff their faces with sugar. You also may love the occasional glass of bold red wine and enjoy reading books by a fire during the fall season. 3) Snickers: You’re a classic beauty! You enjoy the “basicness” of life and may even regularly order your PSL from Starbucks when you aren’t prancing around in your lululemon gear getting ready for your spin class! ;)

I’m not going to lie, I love EVERY SINGLE ONE of these candies and am probably a mix of them all!

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Also, if you want a great laugh, take a look at this hilarious Halloween prank gone wrong by Crest!

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