4Moms Mamaroo Review

I wanted to do a review on the mamaRoo Seat because I had heard so many amazing things about it so I recently reached out to the 4moms team and they agreed to send the boys their very own chairs!

There are so many reasons I love this company and this product in particular. The infant seat goes from side to side and also up and down. It features five unique motions and speeds totaling 25 different combinations. It has four built-in sounds to soothe your baby and if those don't do the trick connect your MP3 device. The mamaRoo4 seat offers full recline to allow baby to lie back and relax or sit up and play. There are several different color options and all are easily removed and machine washable.

The boys really do love the mamaRoo infant seat and it has given mom and dad a bit of relief throughout the day which has been nice! I would highly suggest looking into adding one of these to your baby registry. If you have twins, no need for two. Just get one and see how they like it. They can always just take turns on it.

Hope you enjoyed the review and feel free to ask me any questions!!

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