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What is the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale?

Next to Black Friday, the NSale is (in my opinion) the best way to save money and stock up on your 2022 "end-of-summer", fall and winter wardrobe. The reason you see it plastered all over every blogger's social feeds is because this is no measly 10%-20% off sale. This sale is so HUGE that you'll see savings anywhere from 50%-75% off. And what is even better is that these sales are on items that AREN'T LAST SEASON! They are all new items (or staple current ones) that you will most definitely use as the seasons change.

When is it?


The Anniversary Sale is typically July 15-31 but there are ways to gain access as early as July 6th! If you are and Icon status member, you can shop July 6th in stores. If you are an Ambassador, you can start shopping as early as July 7th in store. July 9th is when Influencer Status can shop ONLINE. 

The most popular way to shop is through being a Nordstrom card holder. This allows you to shop Early Access from July 9-14. The reason I encourage shoppers to apply for their card is because they gain early access, but also they receive a $60 note if they shop the day they are approved for the card. If you do this early enough, you can use the note for the sale! Also, another important thing to note is that unfortunately, many popular items in the sale will be gone by the time the actual sale starts which is why it is important to grab the card while you still can. Once you have it, you just need to add it to your profile online (sometimes it will automatically do it for you). Apply for the card here.


What will be in the sale?

Literally everything! You will find everything from upcoming fall trends to everyday basics on sale from brands like Topshop, Madewell, Sam Edelman, and so many more. 

Nordstrom typically releases a preview of some of the items that will be in the sale and they have graciously already done so this year. It is located here

Basically, any and all designers are fair game in this sale so it's one you do not want to miss!

How to shop the sale....

So here is where it can get messy. Since there are SO MANY items included in the sale, influencers like yours truly have taken tons of time to make your shopping experience easier. I have early access (card holder) so I will be up the night of the sale as it goes live, sifting through the noise and getting a list of what I believe are the best deals in the sale and posting them in this section of the website under the specified tabs in the menu. I will also have deals up on my stories for y'all.


My best advice to you is DO NOT GO INTO THE STORE. Shop online if you can. Last year, we all noticed that the items for sale on the website were not necessarily available to purchase in the store. Nordstrom doesn't stock every item in every store so just leave it to the influencers to get you those links. 

When you purchase items through our websites and instagram links, you still get the sale price and WE get credit for the work we do (a small commission from your sale). It is why we do this after all! 

Another tip is what to shop for. I always get a mix of the following: basics such as tees and jeans (last year y'all were going crazy over the Good American line and they will be available this year as well so I will definitely pick up another pair) , winter essentials such as coats and sweaters, and SHOES. Shoes are probably the most popular item to shop for in the sale. Every year, there are a few boots and heels in the sale that everyone goes bananas over! Ill be sure to have all of these items ready for you to check out on the Favorites tab.

Okay, I think that is it for now. If you made it through this whole post, BRAVO! You will be set for the sale once it hits the internet. I will try my best to answer a few questions y'all had below.


"Will you include baby stuff in the sale?"

Yes, absolutely! It will be located in the "For Baby" tab under NSale in the menu of this website.

"Will you have items that are affordable? My budget is small but I want to buy as much as I can!"

Yes, those items will most likely be in the "Under 50" section of the NSale menu.

"I don't have the card!! Should I just skip the sale altogether?"

There will be plenty of items left once the public access starts and Nordstrom tends to restock popular items so definitely still shop the sale!!

"When will I be able to preview everything in the sale?"

Cardholder or not, you can preview the items today. You just can't purchase them unless you have a card on file in your online profile. 

"I have my mom's card. Can I shop using that?"

Yes! I used to do this. You just go to your account online and add the card as a payment option. You will need to purchase the items with that card unless they have changed that rule recently but you can always pay mom back ;)

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