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Distressed to Impress!

Jeans are one of my favorite things to buy lately, especially because it isn't just about the wash or color these days. It is so funny to think that when we go into a store to buy a brand new pair of jeans, we ask ourselves, " How many holes do these have in them?" and say things like "Gosh, I wish there was a hole or rip right here!!"

A lot of women think that distressed jeans are a more casual piece in their closet but you can dress them up with some sparkly jewelry, a black top and heels for a date night!

Distressed jeans are definitely a fun thing to have in your closet these days so I thought I would share with you some of my favorites!

(The jeans I have on in the photo above are by Zara. They are super comfortable and if you are short like me, you will appreciate the fact that they are cropped so no tailoring is really needed. My boots are from Nordstrom and they are seriously the most comfortable shoes (with a heel) in my closet right now. )

This first pair is from Nordstrom (Obviously).

They are by AG and they are called "The Legging" Ankle Jean. They have a good stretch with a conservative amount of rips.

This is a great introductory pair for those of you who are not sure if you like the look yet.

I really like the cut of these because they appeal to short girls like me! It is so hard to find a perfectly cropped pair of jeans and I think these really are the perfect fit.

This second pair you can get on and they are by a designer named IRO. They are called the Nevada Skinny.

Again they are a cropped pair of jeans that seem to be well suited for us shorter girls and they have just enough "rippage" to satisfy my liking!

I particularly like these because of the wash. They look a bit more washed out than the first pair which makes the distressed look a bit more believable.

This is probably my favorite pair of the three.

This third pair is from Neiman Marcus and they are made by Hudson.

I like this pair because they are specifically called "Ankle" jeans which means they are usually cropped a bit higher.

The wash is good for those of us who like to rebel against the typical dark fall colors. I'm definitely going to be lightening up my wardrobe this year!

The distressed level I am going to give this pair is a 3 (out of 10). It is just distressed enough for those who are giving distressed jeans a shot.

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