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How to Make a Breakfast Buffet Healthy

When on vacation I have always found that the typical "Free Breakfast Buffet" can ruin my healthy eating habits. When I walk into a breakfast buffet, especially one that is in a nicer hotel, I immediately get Food ADD! It's almost like I can't function because I am so overly stimulated by the unlimited options.

On my recent trip to Napa I had a very similar experience except this time I decided one morning to try to make my options less difficult to chose and more healthy! Instead of going for the breakfast potatoes, I walked straight up to the fruit and yogurt section and made myself the most AMAZING Greek yogurt breakfast bowl. Not only did my body thank me for the fuel my confidence went up that day knowing I was (at least trying) to build a healthy eating habit.


Here are some tips for beating the "Unlimited Options and Oh-So-Tempting Breakfast Buffet":

1) Call Ahead. When given the option to partake in the infamous buffet, I always try to get an idea of what types of food they serve before letting my eyes feast on the food. In my personal opinion, when I see it with my eyes, I want it more (like pizza)! If you know beforehand that it is all fatty foods, it may be best to pass.

2) Plan your Meals. Just like any regular day, I plan out what I am going to eat (or at least have an idea). Planning your meals helps you to KEEP FOCUSED on your goals. If you hear that the buffet has a fruit smoothie bar, head straight to it and don't look around! Looking=Tempting

3) Choose the Right Option. I struggle with this. When I see an omelette station, I think to myself, "I want potatoes, bacon, sausage and anything else greasy!"

4) Make it Fun. Just because you have decided to eat a healthy breakfast, it doesn't mean you are ruining your whole vacation! Get fun with it! I like to add lots of colors to my breakfast. Make sure you aren't eating biscuits, pancakes, and oatmeal (all one color and all contain a bunch of sugars). Try adding colorful fruits or juices to the mix. For example, if you get a biscuit, try to get an egg white omelette with spinach, peppers, onions, etc!

Hopefully this helps you for the next time when you are tempted by all of the options. Take it one step at a time and try not to overthink it. Have fun with it!

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