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Decorating up For Fall

It is the first truly chilly day in Houston so you know what that means! All of us #BasicBs are buying up the PSLs (or Peppermint Mochas if you're wishing it were Christmas already) and decorating our houses with pumpkins and scarecrows or anything festive!

I personally enjoy the cold weather for about 14 days and then I'm over it! But today I am abnormally excited since it has taken so long to get below the 70 degree line this season which is why I am going to share with you all some small Holiday Makeover tips I used for the house!

Tip #1: Mix and Match!

I don't know about you all but Halloween isn't my favorite holiday to decorate for. I am not a huge fan of orange and black so I like to decorate for "Fall" instead of Halloween. I mix pumpkins with turkeys and skulls with wreaths which gives less of a spooky feel.

Tip #2: Shop Sales!

Since Houston is slow to cool off in the fall, that tends to be the best time to shop for home decor. No one is quite ready to pull out the thanksgiving decor when it is 90 degrees outside so a lot of stores like Michael's have sales around September/early October.

Tip #3: Go Metallic!

Since I don't like black and orange together, I typically go for sparkly stuff! It makes for a girlier and "chicer" look in the house.

I put together a few options for you if you are looking to decorate! Hope you all like some of the stuff I chose!

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