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Stay Fresh During the Holidays!

The holidays are in full effect right now and we are all scrambling to make sure we have our holiday party closets stocked and ready to go! I am personally so excited for this holiday party Bryant and I have coming up for Habitat for Humanity in the Woodlands!

With all of the holiday parties, dinners, and family time, it is easy to “let yourself go”. I’m sure I will be partaking in this as I prepare myself to break my diet several times (okay, I already have…) but one thing I never forget to do is take my Crest toothpaste with me.

So this is my little secret. Around the holidays, you may be at an office party and talking to your husband’s coworkers when, “BAM!”, you notice you have bad breath from the garlic in the appetizers! I always bring my tube of crest and a toothbrush with me when I go to events like this because several hours will go by and you won’t have a way to clean up your smile!

Crest currently has a national coupon for $2 off at your local CVS stores so be sure to run by there and pick up your products before this ends! The coupon can also be found in Sunday newspapers nationwide!

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