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Cru Day Spa Lash Lift

Really excited to share with you my experience getting a lash lift at Cru Day Spa this week! Cru Day Spa is located in Sugar Land area and they are currently offering my followers a 30% off discount (with code Allison30) when they sign up to join their email list! Let me tell you ladies, it is worth it!!!

When I got to my appointment they showed me to a room where I changed into a robe and waited in the tranquility room with a mimosa in hand. Once it was time for my appointment, my esthetician, Destiny, brought me to the room and started the process.

It takes around 45 minutes to an hour to complete. If you have ever had lash extensions, the process is similar to that. Basically, she puts pads on the bottom lids to keep the lower lashes away. Then she puts a gel pad on your top lid that helps with curling your lashes. She glues your lashes to the pad and then uses a perming solution to set your lashes. During the process you keep your eyes closed. The chemicals that they use may cause a bit of irritation but my eyes are extremely sensitive and I was fine.

Once they are done with the curling process they take a coloring/tinting solution and darken your lashes a bit so they pop! This only takes about three minutes and they end with a moisturizing oil application which sits on your lashes for a few minutes as well. All in all, the process is pretty relaxing!

My before and after pics are below and you can clearly see how much of a difference it makes! Hope you enjoy and also, go get yourself a lash lift!! There is no reason not to for this price!!

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