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Pantene 14 Day Challenge

This content is sponsored by Pantene. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

As most of you know by now, I have been participating in the Pantene 14 Day Challenge. I am sure all of you at some point have used Pantene. It had been awhile for me and when I was asked to try Pantene for 14 days, I went for it!

Before starting, I definitely noticed that my hair was brittle and a little dry. Dry hair is such a culprit to my Bad hair days! I decided to go with the Pantene Repair & Protect Shampoo and Conditioner. It provides continued around-the-clock protection and can help repair months of damage! The shampoo features the brand’s first-ever, clinically-tested anti-oxidant damage-blocking technology that helps reduce copper build up! The conditioner has the same benefits of the shampoo and provides an added layer of protection by reinforcing the hair’s outer layer.

On day 7, I noticed that my hair felt softer and wasn’t as tangled. On top of using the products, I also made sure to use some added hair styling tips like lowering the heat on my tools a bit and sometimes, trying to avoid heat tools all together by braiding my hair for waves instead of curling. I also try to just wash the top of my hair or front of my hair to avoid washing every day.

By day 14, I had finished the challenge and learned a lot about the products. My hair definitely felt healthier and softer and I for sure noticed a difference in my hair. In 14 days I was able to turn my bad hair days into GREAT hair days thanks to Pantene!!

I encourage you all to start your own 14 Day challenge with Pantene!

If you were interested in the Pantene Repair & Protect Shampoo and Conditioner, Walmart has a great price at the moment – click here to pick up the dual pack. Alternatively, Walmart also has a deal on the larger sized conditioner pump - check it out here.

Here are my before:

And after (styled):

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