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Great Hair Days with Pantene Intense Rescue Shots

Hey everyone!!! Today I want to talk about GREAT HAIR DAYS! There are always two things I am focused on before getting out of the house: makeup and hair. I want to talk about great hair today! There are a few things I focus on to achieve great hair: No heat days; not washing every day; and using good products!

No heat days mean no styling! I know this can be tough but you can do things to avoid those hot tools like purchasing a good silk pillowcase to keep your style going for multiple days. You can also do styles that are up such as a messy bun or a ponytail! Anything to stay away from the damaging tools on a daily basis!

The next thing I concentrate on is not washing my hair every day. Typically, in a week, I try to only wash my whole head once! Another difficult thing to accomplish but there are techniques and tips for a successful hair week.

1) Wash with shampoo TWICE in the shower.

2) Don’t use conditioner at the roots.

3) Use lots of product before drying!

4) Style your hair in a way that would potentially last you around three days. (HINT: Beachy waves are the easiest for me because later in the week/weekend I can add a curl to the bottom for a classic curl to change it up. It’s harder to go the other way around!)

5) Mid way through the week throw your hair up!

6) Use dry shampoo.

7) When you really need to, wash the top of your head or the front of your head around your face. That area captures the most oils from your skin.

The last thing I do is use great products! I use a number of products on my hair but one I have tried recently, and really like, are Pantene Intense Rescue Shots . These shots are at-home treatments that you can do easily in the comfort of your own bathroom! They only take one minute to complete too which is an added bonus!

The shots contain tons of vitamins, natural glycerin, and strengthening lipids that targets and repairs damaged locks. You notice a difference after just ONE use!

To use them, simply wash our hair with shampoo, use the shots once a week in place of your conditioner, leave it in for 30 seconds, rinse off for 30 seconds, blow dry/style! ! It’s as simple as that so why wouldn’t you try them?! They are available here.

*Sponsored post by Pantene! All opinions and thoughts are my own.*

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