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Walmart Best of Baby Sale!

I am so excited to be partnering with Walmart this month to promote their Best of Baby Month with thirty days of online savings n top brands! Walmart's semi-annual baby sale offers over 700 deals online and a handful of Rollbacks available in store.

It is honestly like a mini Black Friday for us moms because they are offering either similar or even better discounts. There are even gift cards offered with certain purchases!

Another really cool part of the sale is that Walmart is actually buying back used car seats!! Why throw your old car seats away when Walmart will give you a $20 giftcard for each one? I know when the boys grow out of theirs, that is what I will be doing!

So now for what y'all have been waiting for: my top picks for the sale!

Pretty much everything we use on a daily basis for our boys is on sale at Walmart so I would definitely consider taking advantage of this sale!

Baby Brezza (Orig: $194 Sale: $194 plus $50 giftcard with purchase): First, up, the Baby Brezza! We use this SIXTEEN times a day (no joke)! Think of a Keurig for babies. You can use any powder formula and the Brezza measures, mixes, and warms the exact amount you need for every bottle in seconds.

Hatch Baby Sound Machine (Orig: $71 Sale: $64): Also used constantly throughout the day. This sound machine's white noise is MAGIC to the twins ears. It has several different noise options and volumes and doubles as a night light!

Owlet Socks (Orig: $299 Sale: $241 plus $50 giftcard): Another amazing product that gives me so much ease of mind. The socks monitor the boys oxygen levels and blood pressure and also tracks their sleeping! We use these everyday! It took awhile for the boys to get used to them so I have a tip for new moms: start with a regular sock. We put socks on the boys every day for a week and they became used to having stuff on their feet. Now I just have the owlet under their sock which also helps keep them in place.

Boon Lawn Countertop Drying Rack (Orig: $22 Sale: $16): We use this everyday too! It is a great drying rack for bottles and it major on sale!

Kiinde Kozii Bottle Warmer (Orig: $70 Sale: $42): For breastfeeding moms, this is a GREAT alternative to warming breastmilk in the silk or on the stove and it's on sale!!

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